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Tackling Employee Turnover

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Allowing flexible starting and ending times demonstrates that the personal lives of your workforce are just as important as their work. resigned before completing a year?s service. Not only can high employee turnover be expensive but it can also negatively affect business performance. Furthermore, it can cause a deterioration of work quality, damage a company?s image, and have consequences on team dynamics. Flexible working hours can have a positive effect on retention as it provides employees with the time to better manage their personal lives alongside their job, thus reducing stress and increasing happiness. Employee happiness can correlate to job satisfaction, less absenteeism, productivity, engagement and retention. Therefore, simple acts of kindness such as office treats or office massages can help demonstrate employee appreciation. Offer competitive pay and benefits Employees want to be well compensated and have a nice benefits package. Therefore, it?s important to tackle employee turnover head on. Did you know that? Each member of staff that leaves costs an employer It estimates that it takes an average of 28 weeks for a new member of staff to get up to speed at resigned from their job in 2016. Because it will allow companies to respond to high turnover levels when it becomes damaging to the company. Therefore, it is important to ensure your staff are equipped to deal with workplace issues. Provide management training Poor people management can be a major cause in employee turnover. Appreciate employees Recognising and rewarding employees will make them feel valued and appreciated. Therefore, it?s important to place value on reviewing this on an annual basis to ensure it remains competitive within the industry. Likewise, the programme can help managers to better understand the relationship between pressure and performance. This is because resources will need to be invested into hiring, training and ensuring employees are brought up to speed. The overall cost to employers of replacing staff in the UK is How to tackle it? Monitoring employee turnover is essential for all businesses. Make flexible working hours available Enabling employees to balance their work life and home life will go a long way. Ensure opportunities for development and growth Development and growth can have a significant impact on an employee?s decision to stay within a company. Promoting from within and discussing all potential opportunities will create an honest workplace environment where progression and a career path is possible. Ultimately, provide a plan on how to proceed with a minimal effect on the workplace. Offering training and development opportunities can help employees to feel nurtured and that growth is possible. Management Training Days can help support managers in becoming competent, confident and compliant in dealing with stress and mental health issues in the workplace. Putting into place a wellness strategy can help create a benefit package tailored to your organisation and to suit your employees needs.High employee turnover can be damaging to a business? As a result of losing talent, it will cost lots of money to replace staff. Celebrate their successes, business wins and effort that they put into their work

Along with increasing the risk of , type-2 diabetes and even cancer! Sitting all day hunched over your computer isn?t doing your posture or body any good. The Glassdoor survey also highlighted that those who did use their annual leave 23% regularly checked emails and 15% continued working through fear of getting behind and the consequences of not hitting their targets. Improve emotional wellness The importance of annual leave can often be neglected and over-looked. Lower stress levels Working adults spend on average around 9. Read more:.reported taking a maximum of just half their annual leave entitlement during the last holiday year. Whether it is in regards to annual leave, lunch breaks or simply a short break away from an employee?s desk. Increased productivity Being stuck in an office all day won?t do the emotional wellness of your employees any good! Ensure that lunch breaks are taken by your staff as it can boost their creativity upon their return. Therefore ensure all of your employees have the correct support they need! Employers should also encourage staff to take breaks. Well-rested employees are happy and productive employees. Prevent health issues Sitting for long periods of time can cause muscle tension, aches and pains. Furthermore, with the average employee taking just 62% of their allowance. This is why it is important for your workplace to take breaks away from their screen. Employers should encourage breaks of all kinds as it?s in their best interest to have a healthy workplace. Exercising on a regular basis lowers you chance of illness and injury. Taking time out during lunch by getting away from the office will give your staff?s brains the chance to recuperate. Employees who take their annual leave will be able to re-charge their batteries, be more folding treadmill e holder_2046 creative, catch up on their , live longer, improve your mood and reduce stress. Additionally, it will make you less likely to procrastinate. Therefore it is essential to take a break, get up and walk around.5 hours sitting a day. Simply, because sitting for prolonged periods of time can lead to an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. Staring at a computer screen for hours on end can impact your vision and cause headaches. When endorphins are flowing through your body, you will think quicker and will be better at problem solving. Re-energised employees Working out on lunch breaks will re-energise employees and improve their productivity in the afternoon. Encouraging employees to step away from their desk for a short break will give them the opportunity to recharge, , and prevent work burnout. Our attention spans and concentration levels dwindle over time if there is no break. Consequently, a short break will refresh attention spans and sustain concentration levels. So, that they can stretch their muscles as the tighter hips/hamstrings/quads become, the more pain people will feel and more prone to injury. Therefore, it provides employees with the opportunity to take a break from the demands of the workplace, switch off, rest and re-energise. Along with increased passion and focus for what they do

What is the big aim of the company? Healthy Nibbles is committed to enhancing health through nutritional wellbeing within business and community, transforming food purchase and consumption decisions. Each quarter we send 20,000 snacks to over 350 locations throughout the UK. Employers can help employees to Work Fit by creating a healthier work environment that creates positive behavioural changes that increase morale and productivity such as encouraging healthier snacking choices. What are the benefits of the products? At Healthy Nibbles, we commit that our range will be free from hydrogenated fats, artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and sweeteners whilst delivering products that meet a range of dietary requirements including: Vegan, Gluten Free, Nut Free and Organic. make snacking healthy and convenient whilst ensuring taste is a priority, here is an insight into the company: Why was the business created and when? Healthy Nibbles was created in 2014 after its Founder, Sara Roberts identified the challenge of finding healthy and nutritious snacks in city offices and travel hubs throughout the UK. This is part of Three?s wellness initiative which helps employees make positive snack choices. In terms of our vending machines, these are 100% cashless and provide full nutritional/allergen information prior to purchase. What is your greatest success story? Our greatest success story would be our ongoing partnership with Three a one-stop wellness hub for companies to purchase a range of wellness offering designed to help employees Live Fit, Work Fit and Think Fit

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